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NationRoar is a online News Portal, but it is much more than that. We take pride in defining NationRoar as ‘Ab Bolega Desh’ meaning ‘We will Raise the voice of all people’.

NationRoar was launched in August 2016 from New-Delhi, capital of India by. It has to be traversed a long journey.


To uphold and propogate cherised values of democracy, socialism, secularism, social justice and human dignity, and help achieve enduring peace and harmony in the society.


a) To publish daily News, periodicals, books etc. not only to disseminate information, but also as tools of public education and social awareness.

b) To take up programmes & set up institutions for reaching out to general public for creating better understanding about democratic values.

U. S. P 

NationRoar is moving ahead with serious news having twin objectives of    providing  :-  a) space for intellectual discussions and   b)  Optimum space for  development oriented stories with a rural basis. This puts    NationRoar in a class of its own amongst all Hindi newspapers and has brought many laurels to us.


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